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The Magical Snowflake

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Set in the midst of winter's chill, with an absence of snow, Ori and her friends yearn to play outdoors. Ori makes a heartfelt wish, and soon, a special snowflake brings joy to the entire town. Guided by the confidence of a young girl and the assured storytelling voice of author Bernette Ford, The Magical Snowflake leads readers through moments of pure delight, filled with song, dance, and seasonal cheer.

For those seeking winter books or the perfect toddler books this holiday season,
The Magical Snowflakepromises to be the surprise of the year. Destined to become a classic among Christmas books for kids, this story's enchanting protagonist, Ori, will inspire both children and adults to partake in the merriment and sing along to "We wish you a merry winter." The vibrant illustrations by Erin K. Robinson bring these unforgettable scenes to life, ensuring that this story will be etched in your heart forever.