Warmth, Hope, Beauty and Play

Books can act much like a sunrise. The comfort and tranquility of a heartfelt book. The deep inhale you take after reading an inspiring sentence invoking hope. The smile you give when you experience the beauty and simplicity of a description; the joy of reading a fun story or intriguing mystery. Our desire is to lead you to stories that make you feel like waking up to a beautiful sunrise. Lets shine bright together.

Check out our JUNE Calendar!
  • Toddler Storytime & Play

    Join us EVERY THURSDAY at 10am is TODDLER STORYTIME!!!!! We’ll sing, dance do a read aloud and have a rockin good time!!! Perfect for ages 18mo-4years. This storytime is FREE! Can’t wait to see ya!

  • Baby Storytime

    Hey Mama’s, daddies, Nannie’s, aunties and grannies join me TUESDAYS (starting 11/8) at 10:0am. We’ll sing, Read books, have an amazing time in a playful and cozy setting!!!!! This storytime is tailor made for ages 0-18mo BUT not limited to that age!!
    Baby Storytime is FREE!

  • Sacred Saturday

    Join us for Sacred Saturdays, we’ll have witty Devotionals, fun crafts and fun worship, tons of play all in the name of Jesus.

  • Music with Will 1st & 3rd WEDNESDAYS

    CEO & owner of Cuttlefish Creative has partnered with Sunrise Books to offer fun, interactive and educational music sessions!! We are so excited to have him in the bookstore. Music tools and instruments will be provided. These sessions are perfect for ALL ages. Donations are suggested. Join us for a jammin good time!

  • Wellness Wednesday

    Did you know that getting your kids up out of their chairs and swinging their arms around, taking a few big deep breaths and stretching out their legs can help oxygen circulate their bodies, regulate their breathing and give them the energy boost they need to focus and pay attention to their work.

    Also, breathing deeply can help you feel calm and relaxed. Feeling calm and relaxed helps you make good decisions and handle stressful situations

    JOIN US for Wellness Wednesday with Ms. Ebony Ross for a read-aloud, stretches and teach littles some calming breathing activities. Let’s cultivate an environment of stillness and peace.

  • Phonetic Friday

    I LOVE books and it’s very important for our littles to love them and see them as valuable. What better way than to help them read books. Learning basic phonetic skills and phonics will improve their reading skills. In the bookstore we’ll have games, activities and skill building tasks for your littles to do. This event is perfect for beginner readers. (Preschool-1st grade)