Warmth, Hope, Beauty and Play

Books can act much like a sunrise. The comfort and tranquility of a heartfelt book. The deep inhale you take after reading an inspiring sentence invoking hope. The smile you give when you experience the beauty and simplicity of a description; the joy of reading a fun story or intriguing mystery. Our desire is to lead you to stories that make you feel like waking up to a beautiful sunrise. Lets shine bright together.

Check out our SEPTEMBER Calendar!
  • Toddler Storytime & Play

    Join us EVERY THURSDAY at 10am is TODDLER STORYTIME!!!!! We’ll sing, dance do a read aloud and have a rockin good time!!! Perfect for ages 18mo-4years. This storytime is FREE! Can’t wait to see ya!

  • Baby Storytime

    Hey Mama’s, daddies, Nannie’s, aunties and grannies join me TUESDAYS (starting 11/8) at 10:0am. We’ll sing, Read books, have an amazing time in a playful and cozy setting!!!!! This storytime is tailor made for ages 0-18mo BUT not limited to that age!!
    Baby Storytime is FREE!

  • Sensory Storytime & Play

    THURSDAY 9/28 at 10am we’re having a sticky, soft and colorful storytime in the bookstore! We have Kristina Perdew from Make Art & Play in the bookstore for an elevated sensory time! This event is ticketed, the price is based on a sliding scale of $5, $10, $15. Please hit the link below to purchase tickets.

  • Fall Leaves Storytime

    Join in on the fall fun with some leaf play, storytime yummy cider and loads of fun!!! This storytime is Free and perfect for ages 2 & up! Donation suggested.