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Bitty Bao Boba Emotions: A Bilingual Book in English and Mandarin

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For families looking for a fun way to introduce their bitty babes to various emotions, this book creatively uses playful characters made of everyone’s favorite drink to spark conversations about various emotions in two languages!

Help our boba friends learn about their emotions using a mood board.

Social emotional awareness and development is something that is important for all of us to develop and learn about, especially our children. Boba Emotionsintroduces children to a range of different emotions in both English and Chinese. Children and adults alike will be delighted to find their favorite boba drinks playfully expressing different emotions as they turn each page. The book is full of eye-catching and vibrant pictures that improve observation skills, build vocabulary, and encourage reading.

Boba Emotions squeezes in lots of extra learning opportunities and skills, such as practice with observation and reenactment skills as children discover and act out emotions while reading and understanding a graph. Also included is a bilingual chart including a range of 64 emotions organized on a grid, showcasing a spectrum of pleasantness and energy levels.

Parents will adore this eye-catching bilingual Chinese-English read due to its effortless integration of Chinese culture paired with the important topic of emotional awareness. The vibrant colors and the expressive faces in the artwork make learning and talking about emotions so much fun for everyone!