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Bee Fearless: Dream Like A Kid

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When Mikaila Ulmer was four, she was stung by a bee--twice in one week. That very same week her grandmother sent her a recipe for flaxseed lemonade. To some those events might seem unrelated, but to Mikaila it was perfect timing. She didn't enjoy getting stung at all, but it did make her think about the role bees play in our lives and our ecosystem, especially as they are becoming increasingly endangered. After all, without bees we wouldn't have honey! With Austin Lemonade Day on the horizon, Mikaila decided that she could use local honey with her grandmother's lemonade recipe to raise awareness and money for bee conservation and Me & the Bees Lemonade was born! Mikaila's lemonade stand has taken her from meetings with Fortune 500 CEOS, to securing a deal on Shark Tank, to even the Obama White House.

Now fourteen, Mikaila is bringing her experience and hard learned lessons to kids everywhere on how they too can be mindful entrepreneurs. Part memoir and part business guide to being your own force for change, Bee Fearless will feature the life and business lessons Mikaila has learned since setting up her first lemonade stand. This book is perfect for readers ages 10-14